Healthy Mind, Healthy Body, and Healthy Soul

Stress will not arise from somewhere to trouble and disturb our daily routine. We create our stress and become victims. Not just mind power, body power also influenced by external stress. Thus our mental health is influenced by mental stress. Every incident, problem we face in daily life will become the cause of 'mental stresses. Every human being has to respond to the challenges and problems of life. You should respond to the problem in a balanced manner. If you stretch your thoughts unnecessarily, it will lead to mental stress.

Due to this reason, we wish to miss our food and lose sleep. We cannot concentrate on any task on hand. Unknowingly, we will get used to bad habits. Health will get spoiled due to unwanted reactions from body and mind. Mental stress leads to ill health which reflects on your body. You will become tired easily. You will lose interest in your sexual life. If you are suffering from Diabetes, it will increase. You will suffer with low blood pressure. Cholesterol increase in blood may lead to heart disease. The list of diseases arise due to mental stress is unending.

If one was suffering from sudden snake bite, he will die not because of the snake bite, but the fear and stress created will lead to the loss of his life. You have to develop some techniques to reduce your stress.

1. Always think positively. You should not think of others problems, which may create stress for you. You should think about yourself for your further progress in professional and personal life. You should think of the things which would be helpful to others.
2. Do not develop unnecessary phobias which may lead to stress. Many of our fears are meaningless. We always cover ourselves with unwanted gloom and sadness.
3. Problems are the real reason for our stress. Take every problem as a challenge to improve your mental health. Detach yourself from the consequences of the problem, which would help you to solve the problem effectively.
4. If you could control some bad habits, you can relieve from stress. Stop all bad habits like smoking, drinking which will have bad effects on your health.
5. Good health is the key to face mental stress. If you maintain your health properly, that will help you to avoid stress.

Stress is in our minds. Its origin is in our minds. That will spread to each and every part of our body. Our body will become ill only due to stress we create. If you avoid stress, it will lead to good health. If you wish to become successful, you have to be stress free. If you wish to lead healthy life, you have to develop healthy habits. Physical exercises, good eating habits, avoiding bad habits, timely sleep and all such other good habits will lead to stress free life. Finally, contentment and commitment to lead healthy life will make your life stress free.

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