Healthy Soul Food Review - Why Healthy Soul Food is Popular

Healthy soul food continues to increase in favor of traditional recipes of the past. Because more African Americans look to change to a healthier diet, this favorite southern cuisine continues to adapt to the demands of today's weight conscious consumer.

Obesity continues to grow (pardon the pun) in America, especially in the Black community. That's the reason for the big push in changing the eating habits, seasonings and cooking techniques used to prepare the meals.

The threat of past menus filled with salt, fats, and other high risk ingredients, continues to give way to better ingredients for the health.

Soul food restaurants continue to experience growth especially in urban centers. For example, Atlanta, Dallas, Washington, D.C, Detroit, New York City, Philadelphia, Chicago and other cities with large African American populations.

The meals roots go all the way back to slavery. Where items slave masters wouldn't or didn't eat, the slave consumed by necessity or convenience. As time passed, more creative techniques of cooking and preparing the meats and vegetables caused it to turn into a favorite delicacy.

Today these deep south recipes continue to grow in popularity for millions of African Americans and non-African Americans. Millions traditionally celebrate holidays and other special occasions by eating this popular food for the soul, as it's affectionately called.

The southern breakfast, lunch and dinner industry rakes in hundreds of millions of dollars in sales each year. The industry continues to grow as healthier marketing information and promotion goes out to the public. The results continue to confirm more people are eating it up, to the delight of restaurant owners.

African American chefs continue to include healthier ingredients to meet the needs and demands of a more health conscious consumer in cookbooks as well. Award winning and best selling titles occupy bookstore shelves across the country.

This fast growing demand of health conscious consumers has birthed a new niche for vegetarians who love the southern fare. This includes restaurants, diners, and books. There's even a magazine that caters to the African American Vegans out there who love the deep south cuisine - minus the meat, a market segment that continues to grow everyday.

You can find dozens of excellent sites where you can find soul food recipes and books online. Many include the history and other facts. Consumers continue to devour books, giving birth to an army of cookbook celebrities. Many authors host cable T.V shows, start award wining southern cuisine restaurants, and offer signature products such as barbecue sauce, seasonings, and desserts to name a few.

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